VH 40

The STR VH40 Indoor Video Stations can be customized to meet the exact door communication needs of everything from single-family homes to residential complex, commercial and public buildings. They also provide increased safety for facilities such as daycare centers, schools or nursing homes, especially in combination with electronic access control systems.

The Indoor Video Station consists of a 4.3-inch TFT screen inside a closed glass front, six touch buttons, a statusĀ  LED and an additional handset. In addition, the VH40 Indoor Video Stations offer a number of menu customization options.


  • No internal communications QwikBUS series (2-wire) (maximum 5 units in apt.)
Inside Dimensions: N/A
Outside Dimensions: 7.125″W X 7.125″H X 1.85″D (181mm W x 181mm H x 47mm D)

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