VFS 40 W

The STR VFS 40 W has real glass fronts with sensor controls, high-resolution 4.3 inch color display and optimum voice quality. Surface-mounted installation at 24 mm overall depth. Composed for sophisticated building architecture, the new generation of Qwikbus internal units combines more power, more comfort and a unique design in a product line that you look at the high standard of technology and aesthetics at first sight.

Clearly defined shapes and materials as well as a few, quickly understandable functional elements are already visually for strict reduction to the essentials. The control keys are seamlessly integrated into the complete plan, closed front made ​​of fine crystal glass, and respond to touch. In the user comes into contact with the clear, intuitive user interface controllable. All important for everyday control functions are directly accessible and context sensitive. With powerful additional functions and setting installer or user only come into contact when they want it.


  • No internal communications QwikBUS series (2-wire) (maximum 5 units in apt.)
Inside Dimensions: N/A
Outside Dimensions: 5.25″W X 7.125″H X 1.85″D (133mm W x 181mm H x 47mm D)

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