HT3033 – 2-Wire Loop

S.T.R. HT3033 QwikBUS Series handsets are designed to work as an apartment type handset intercom station, using a minimal of wiring. All HT3033in a building can be wired on only two (2) twisted common (loop) wires. Choose from White, Titanium (Silver/Grey) or Anthracite (Charcoal).

These attractive handsets easily surface mount right on the wall or over a single gang flush electrical back box (or plaster ring). Handsets can be changed to desk mount with the addition of a model TZ1003 desk adapter, or can be flush mounted with the additional of a Model UM3004 flush housing/trim assembly.

All HT3033 series QwikBUS handsets feature textured finish (to minimize scratches and fingerprints), electronic tone signalling, heavy duty replaceable coiled cord and (3) three momentary button switches. These switches can be used for door release, or other signalling functions, depending upon system configuration, as well as LED indication.

  • Crystal Clear Half-Duplex Voice Operation
  • Easy Installation – Only 2 Common (loop) Wires Required (Can be made into 4-wire version using using HT2DVadapter)
  • Eavesdrop Privacy
  • Clear Voice Fidelity using Electret Condenser Microphones
  • Rugged and Reliable / Simple to Operate
  • Mounts Flush, Surface or Desk
  • HT3033 available in White (suffix-W), Titanium (suffix-T) or Anthracite (Charcoal) (suffix-A) colour
Dimensions: All HT3033 series handsets are 3.75″W (96mm) x 8.75″H (223mm) x 2.60″D (67mm). All dimensions shown are for the surface wall type handset, less the coiled cord.
Microphone: Electret Condenser Type
Push Button: (1) with Door Opener (KEY) symbol and (1) auxiliary (Round Dot), and (1) LED


The 2-Wire handset station(s) S.T.R. QwikBUS HT3033 in (White, Titanium or Anthracite) colour. Handset(s) shall be mounted (surface, flush or desktop). Handset(s) shall feature electret condenser microphone for exceptional voice fidelity. Handsets that include carbon transmitter or other voice technologies shall not be acceptable. Handset shall have a textured finish and heavy-duty coil cord. Handset shall include a door release (KEY SYMBOL) button and auxiliary (ROUND DOT) push button. Push buttons shall be clearly visible and shall be marked in a different colour. Handset(s) shall include a built-in electronic call tone signal. Handset(s) shall require only two (2) common (loop) wires for system operation, or can be made into 4-wire version using HT2DV adapter, for 4-wire QwikBUS systems.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

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